Logistics projects

Interzuid not only coordinates logistics services, we are also involved in the entire trajectory. Complete projects, large or small, requiring a helicopter view, particular care, specialist knowledge or a diverse network. We organise every aspect of the project down to the fine details, ensuring a seamless connection with the next link in the chain.

Once-off or repeat projects all over Europe

PROJECTS for long term or one-off challenges with tight frameworks or deadlines, regardless of volume or lead-time. We provide complete packages, such as unloading shipping containers, repacking and delivering goods, along with temporary storage (with security) if needed. We ensure that warehousing for your cargo is always organised to perfection. 

In this case you will also work with one contact person, who is always up to date on the status of your order.

Outsourcing a project?

Are you looking for a partner for your complex logistical projects? Feel free to contact us.