Operating procedure
Interzuid opened its doors in 1993 and has grown steadily ever since. Steadily, because we want to keep our operations ‘small’ and personal, even though we now deliver all over Europe.
We consider logistics to be an art. The valuation of our expertise and the trust we have built up with our clients are of great importance to us. We also monitor our service critically and ensure excellent communication with our clients.

Part of the Ewals Group
Interzuid Logistics & Projects belongs to the Ewals Group, making it part of an extremely large and reliable network. The combination with our own stable network ensures that we can always offer a logistical solution.

Human capital
Interzuid is a horizontal, no-nonsense organisation: our employees have a strong sense of responsibility. Everyone takes pride in the organisation and works independently but with their Interzuid hats on. Moreover, everyone can be reached 24 hours a day. We take pride in our skilled employees. They are the foundation of our success.


We are also proud of our CORE VALUES, which we incorporate in our work on a daily basis;


This is a crucial part of the success of our logistical organisation. We can’t do it alone. From employees to our network to our clients, we need one another.


Indispensible in logistics. After all, the goal is always: JUST IN TIME!
The client receives a speedy answer to a question (whether it's about price or transport options) and we are speedy in estimating how we can implement a logistical task or solve a problem.

At Interzuid the rule is: call today = organised today!


From our employees towards our organisation and towards you as a client. We invest in making our employees ambassadors.


As a coordinator in a complex market, Interzuid strives to make as big an impact as possible from day to day with a small team of experts. We like to keep our service personal, focusing on our knowledge and expertise for the best logistics service with optimal processes and value for money. 
Much to the satisfaction of our loyal clients.


We are proud of the fact that we serve so many satisfied customers with a relatively small team.


We tailor our logistics services to your wishes. We know you are price sensitive – with good reason – so we work as efficiently as possible.


We keep our promises and we don’t promise something that we won’t be able to deliver. We will advise you of the best solution for your logistical task at the time. We will turn left if that guarantees the solution, even if we had expected to turn right.
It’s very simple: a reliable and perfect execution of your order is the only thing that counts.


We are constantly spotting and creating new opportunities in logistics. We believe there is a solution to every logistical problem. We don’t just settle for a standard solution: we prefer to be pioneering. We choose the best way, not necessarily the most obvious one.

We continually monitor developments in the market. We anticipate the organisation’s aims: if things need to be done differently, that’s what we’ll do. We’re always happy to be flexible.
That is the power of Interzuid as a carrier, as a logistics service provider with a perfectionist streak. Only the best will do.