Expert logistics service provider

As a coordinator of logistics all across Europe, Interzuid can coordinate almost any logistical task flawlessly. All you have to deal with as a customer is the result; the reliable completion of your logistical task. This means you can focus on what you do best and the experts at Interzuid will do the same.

Reliable delivery and warehousing

With years of experience in logistics and a thorough knowledge of the market and network, our team of transport specialists and planners translates all logistics service requests into concrete results on a daily basis. We take care of compulsory cargo documentation and licences, saving you time and money.

Interzuid’s team of logistics specialists makes the difference!

Our people make the difference, without a doubt.  When it comes to logistics we have all the knowhow and we go much further. We go the extra mile. Making more effort, making follow-up calls, checking and double-checking are an essential part of our service!
This guarantees our promise to you: Interzuid coordinates to perfection.